“The basic gist of Cold Stone is that they take ice-cream and just go ape-shit with it,” Aziz Ansari joked during one of his most memorable stand-up routines.

He was talking about how employees might “f**k a Butterfinger into [the ice cream] for you,” but the video above suggests that Cold Stone employees are indeed out of their minds (in a good way). The way the first employee creates a perfect scoop and flicks it down the line to her coworker is like watching Magic hit James Worthy with a perfect no-look pass on the breakaway. Turns out ice-cream scoopers in Dubai are a different breed from what we’re used to:

Our goal in 2015 is to host an Olympics for people with amazing culinary skills. We’ll also invite some of these folks:

Noodle pullers


Shawarma masters


Roti makers


[via Cooking Panda, h/t Buzzfeed]