Chipotle stopped serving pork at one-third of its stores in January of this year after suspending a supplier that violated its “responsibly raised” standards. People panicked, and called the carnitas shortage a pork-ocalypse.

Three months later, word comes that Chipotle doesn’t know when it will be fully supplied with carnitas again. It’s still searching for a solution. “The chain is coping by rotating supply between locations, so that all restaurants can serve pork at least part of the time,” reports CBS News. So basically, its a gamble whether or not your neighborhood Chipotle will have carnitas when you roll up craving a burrito or carnitas bowl.

People’s reactions range from sad, to mad, to confused, to elated…

“There are no quick fixes for it,” said company spokesman Chris Arnold about how the company would find pigs raised to Chipotle’s standards.  Fewer than 5 percent of pigs raised in the U.S. meet Chipotle’s standards, Arnold tells CBS. It really sucks when your ethics hurt your bottom line.

But maybe, just maybe, pulling the meat from the menu entirely is the new finessing the meat. Come clean with us, Chipotle.

And while Chipotle is trying to figure out its carnitas struggle, McDonald’s is out here trying to kick Chipotle while it’s down by introducing a premium burger made with “sustainable beef.” Watch your back, Arnold and co.

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