Remember when Nelly and Buzz the Bee conspired to make one of the worst cereal commercials of all time? That was terrible. But suffice to say we’ve got the exact opposite feeling about boxes of Killa Crunch—a maybe-cereal, maybe-album teaser featuring Dipset don Cam’ron—that’s begun to pop up on Instagram.

We first noticed it on the feed of Fresh of the Boat creator Eddie Huang, a longtime Dipset booster:

Killa Crunch @loochgotyou

A photo posted by Eddie Huang (@mreddiehuang) on

As well as Eric from It’s the Real:

Who knows if this is kosher for Passover, but whatever. Shouts to @mr_camron for this #killacrunch! A photo posted by Eric Rosenthal (@itstherealeric) on

Not to mention his brother:

Interestingly, Twitter jokesmith Desus has an amazing t-shirt of Cam’ron holding a box of Killa Crunch in a bodega, which makes us wonder if that’s the real prize inside the box (not the “Cam’borghini collectible toy” that’s promised).

  First of the Month #killacrunch   A photo posted by Desus Nice (@desusnice) on

Cam’ron confirmed the existence of the boxes over the weekend, promising his IG followers more info today (nothing yet). The big question is whether there’s an actual cereal to taste, or if Killa Crunch is just a clever way to distribute promo materials for a new project. (We also noticed that the image of Cam is taken from Complex’s Cam’ron and A-Trak cover story, so we’re wondering why we haven’t received our shipment yet.)

Either way, we hope Cam’s gambit will open the door towards these excellent rapper cereals making the jump from Tumblr to real life:


rapcereal_gucci rapcereal_ricky


More on this situation as it develops…

UPDATE (4/9):

Okay, the cat is out of the bag: Our friends at Complex Style have the exclusive on what Killa Crunch is really about. Sadly, the boxes don’t actually hold a new Dipset cereal, but some of them do contain the aforementioned t-shirt and $100. Here’s the scoop:

Cam’ron is hiding boxes of “Killa Crunch,” which is based on a concept from Complex’s April/May 2014 cover story with Cam’ron and A-Trak, on bodega shelves across New York City starting April 10 through April 12. A few boxes will have a T-shirt and $100 inside. Locations will be unveiled via Virgin Mega’s Twitter

If you aren’t able to get one by Sunday, “Killa Crunch” will be sold exclusively through the Virgin Mega app on Monday, April 13 at 4 p.m. 

For your chance to pick up a box, head here:

We’re a bit disappointed that we don’t have a new go-to breakfast, but think about how many egg-and-cheeses you can buy at the bodega with a hundred bucks.

J2_KillaCrunch2 Back_Rec J4_KillaCrunch1 J5_KillaCrunch11

[via Instagram/mr_camron]