Burger King is the most-lit fast-food chain in the world. This is fact. While its various arms and divisions differ depending upon their global location, it’s appropriate that Burger King Russia’s latest advertising tactic plays right into all the on-one hijinks that surround the company.

Via Russian social networking site VK, BK Russia employed Tittygram to help it get more of Russia’s citizens (we’re assuming dudes) to chow down on burgers.


The writing on the women’s chest translates to “I love Burger King,” while the above text reads roughly as:

Do you want this to be your name? Every week the most active community member will receive this kind of named message. It’s not just your Whoppers that are cooked on a real fire, everything with us is on fire!

So what’s Tittygram? The Russian social media service bills itself as “Just like Uber – but for boobs!” While that’s a bit misleading (Tittygram’s models’ breasts do not transport you home after a night out drinking), it does allow users to submit short messages for the company’s models to then write across their chests. The service costs $9.95 for a quick photo and link or $29.95 for a high-res image and the ability for user’s to pick the model of his/her choice.
According to BuzzFeed, Burger King corporate hasn’t responded to the marketing tactic. But we wouldn’t be surprised if the company’s in-house reaction was “f*ck it.”

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