The White House just unveiled the official Obama state china, and it is as swaggy as expected. For the 11-piece place settings, Michelle chose blue accents inspired by the waters off the President’s home state of Hawai’i. She’s dubbed it “Kailua Blue,” which will be the 2015 Pantone Color of The Year—mark our words.

saucerAbout the new design, Michy says“Some of the chefs were telling us the plate structure of some of the old china doesn’t work for modern plating, because the circumference is smaller.”


U.S. News has details on the cost of the fancy-ass China.

The cost of the china service was not disclosed, but it was paid for from a private fund that is administered by the White House Historical Association. The state china service that then-first lady Laura Bush unveiled in January 2009 cost $493,000.

One unprecedented feature of the Obama china is a little individual terrine (pictured below). “The terrine was something that the chef said: One of the reasons we don’t do soups, or interesting creations like that, is because we don’t have any way to serve it,” explains Michelle. We’re just glad the Federal Soup deficit has been resolved.


In an interview with Architectural Digest, the pres said, “If you’ve seen our state dinners, we really do a lot of mixing and matching—sometimes because we really do not have enough, sometimes because we’re trying to create a new modern, different, edgy kind of look. This Kailua Blue is one of those colors that will complement some of the other pieces already in the collection in a way that’s elegant, and I think it will be timeless.”

obamThe china will be used for the first time at Tuesday’s state dinner for Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. It is sure to make the food taste more luxe.


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[via YouTube/The White House]