SwiftKey just released its first-ever Emoji Report. The company analyzed over a billion emojis used by speakers of 16 languages around the world to see what emojis each country loves the most. The report contains a few surprises, and a few obvious stats, which we’ve outlined below.

But first, here are the most popular emojis in America:

emoji america leads in

All charts: SwiftKey

Not everything is about food—even if you consider the fact that the crown could indicate Burger King, depending on context. Still, we learned a lot about the world’s food preferences by reading the official Emoji Report.

America Loves Meat More Than Anyone Else

drumstick emoji

We don’t know if that’s a chicken drumstick or a turkey drumstick, but we do know that America uses the poultry-leg emoji more than anyone else. While we’re on the subject, we also wonder why there isn’t a wings emoji. Just about every culture that eats chicken has a deep love for them.

Australians Love Their Alcohol

emoji alcohol chart

Australia doesn’t just love its alcohol; the country actually uses DOUBLE the average amount of alcohol-themed emojis as the rest of the world. While the average is .41%, Australia’s beer, wine, and cocktail emojis account for .80% of total usage. Meanwhile, the U.S. is slightly higher than average at .50%, while Brazil and U.S. Spanish-speakers are tied for #1 overall in beer emoji usage at .39% each.

Australia Also Leads The World In Junk-Food Love

emoji junk food chart

Like the alcohol emojis situation, Aussies use nearly twice as many junk food emojis as anyone else.But the only nation that loves pizza more than America is Canada. Your words may lie, but emojis never do. This chart clearly shows that America also loves chocolate more than anyone else.

Canada Is Possibly More American Than America

emojis canada 2

That would definitely explain the pizza thing. We just hope that means our neighbors to the North will get on board with our very important quest for a taco emoji in the next Unicode update.

Seriously, Canada even loves the poop emoji more than the U.S. What just happened here?

emoji cheers chart

America Loves It Some Eggplant

eggplant emoji

While not everyone loves #EggplantFriday, SwiftKey’s report solidifies the fact that America does love it some eggplant. In possibly related news, Italy loves banana emoji. We’re not sure if that’s another euphemism, or just an indicator of a country that really loves its banana and Nutella crepes.

All Food-Related Emojis Are Way Behind Faces, Hearts, And Hand Gestures

emoji pie chart

We’re pretty sure that would all change if that taco emoji was real, though.

“Food” and “Asian Food” Are Two Separate Categories

emoji categories

That sound you just heard was an entire continent, some islands, and expats around the world just collectively raising a WTF to the stars. What does that even mean? Thanks, Unicode.

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