College hockey fans in Omaha, Nebraska have a few reasons to celebrate. First, the $81.6-million Omaha Mavericks stadium is opening. And just last night, local favorite Voodoo Taco announced on Twitter that they’re teaming up with the Mavericks to bring a taco cannon to game days.

They also predicted a future that most taco (and hockey) fans probably won’t mind:

…And The Crowd On Twitter Went Wild

UNO fans were big into the idea, sending #tacocannon hurtling past #EarthDay as the No. 1 trending topic Wednesday in Omaha.

Even Fellow Taco Guys Were In Awe

Here’s The Voodoo Taco Cannon, In All Its Glory

If you still can’t get enough, local news station KETV met up with Voodoo Taco for a demonstration. It may not be the taco Gatling gun of your dreams, but it’ll still propel delicious soft tacos into your face at ridiculous speeds. We’re definitely down with that.

[via SB Nation]