Finding just one pearl while you’re feasting on oysters is a nice surprise, but it isn’t that uncommon. But we’re not talking about just one pearl.

While eating lunch at Puckett’s Boat House in Franklin, TN, Toni Elliot crunched down on what she thought was a single pearl inside her fried oyster. She alerted her server Eric Horton, who tells ABC News affiliate WKRN,

“I went over to see if she was okay, and she goes, ‘Oh yes, I just found this pearl in mouth!’

“She started pulling out more pearls from her mouth, and the whole table started laughing.”

She ended up pulling a total of 50 pearls out of her mouth. The server grabbed a container and started collecting the pearls.


Screenshot: ABC News

ABC News has the whole story:

Puckett’s confirmed to First We Feast that Elliot brought the pearls home with her after lunch. We are waiting to hear back about what Elliot is going to blow her pearl money on.

Side note: The WKRN’s Stephanie Langston, who reported the story, is a total badass. There’s apparently some crazy shit going down in Tennessee.

[via ABC News]