Planning for the end of the world means you need to make some intelligent food choices, or else. “In the US alone there are over 3 million people preparing for the end of time, this sub-culture is known as Doomsday Preppers,” explains photographer Henry Hargreaves.

The Brooklyn-based photographer is obsessed with food. We have Hargreaves to thank for a range of culinary-inspired series, including these amazing edible maps of the world, this unbelievable Wu Tang Clan 20th Anniversary cake art, his superhero chocolate “Jabba’s Bounty” project, and his “No Seconds” series immortalizing the Death Row meal choices of some infamous inmates.

Now Hargreaves has turned his lens to the doomsday prepper culture, learning more about how food is integrated into their worldview. While not every prepper has the mad doomsday-prepping skills of chef Wylie Dufresne, everyone Hargreaves photographed had very definite ideas in mind for how they’ll eat when the end comes.

Hargreaves explains:

Initially I expected this to be a rather sensational series but as I spoke to some of the subjects I actually was surprised by the brilliance in their approach. They have been able to stand back and see the whole food system form afar and realize in any kind of disaster the food distribution chain is the first thing to break and they don’t want to be left vulnerable, if and when it does…

I created dishes that they will potentially be eating once the system breaks and they have become self sufficient. Through their choices of these foods I think their personal story comes to life.

Take a look at Hargreaves’ new series on the food preps of Doomsday Preppers.

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[via Henry Hargreaves]