Today, we stepped inside Ursher’s world (a.k.a. stalked his Instagram) and watched as he got hammed at the Guinness Factory.

After buying a very dope hat, Usher headed to the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Ireland, which first opened in 1876. Cheers to that.

Bubblin in Dublin

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At the brewery….I hope I fall in a barrel #StillStPatricksDay #luckoftheirish

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We don’t think he actually wanted to fall into a barrel—but whatever. Thumbs up, dude!

Once inside the Storehouse, Usher discovered that something called “Usher’s Island” exists, and ‘grammed about it excitedly.

Cheers to that!!

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This is a picture of the real Usher’s Island, with a quote from Irish novelist and poet James Joyce.


Anyway, back to Usher, and his Guinness mustache.

Mr. Mustache

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For the record, Usher is currently touring Europe on his #URXTOUR. What European breweries will Ursher hit up next?

The breweries we think Usher should visit:

Manchester, UK (3/23): Boddingtons

Birmingham, UK (3/24): Two Towers Brewery

London (3/26): The Kernel Brewery, Camden Town Brewery, Meantime Brewing Co.

New Orleans (4/4-4/6): Bayou Teche Brewing

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