As a Northeast Ohio sports fan, I take particular pride in seeing Cleveland’s professional athletes star in local advertisements. Growing up, I saw guys like Jim Thome shill for local used-car dealers on my grandparents’ TV. These commercials made for perfect entertainment: big-name, millionaire pros featured on super-lo-fi spots that epitomized Middle American low culture (even if Ohio’s far from the geographic middle of America).

So it goes without saying that I was absolutely ecstatic when I glimpsed current Cleveland Cavalier Timofey Mozgov star in the above clip for a suburban pub in Middlebury Heights. Just look at it. It’s perfect: Mozgov’s English is perfectly highlighted with an obvious Eastern European accent, his opening sweep of the crap competitors’ food is damn-near majestic, and his jersey. That freaking jersey, man. Let Vice Sports’ David Roth explain why he’s wearing it like that:

[pullquote][T]his avoids a trademark infringement re: the team name on the front, while helpfully letting viewers know the last name of the wan, nervous-looking person they’re watching[.][/pullquote]

This is next-level, Brew Garden. Thank you. And go Cavs.

[via Vice Sports]