Redditor Droogeh posted the above picture yesterday on Reddit, with this explanation: “My friend who works at corporate Taco Bell grabbed me some not-yet-public Taco Bell hot sauce tortilla chips.”

Hold up. Taco Bell Fire Sauce is the greatest fast-food hot sauce out there, and Fire Sauce-flavored tortilla chips would be a dream. But is it real, or rumor-mongering?

About the photo, Droogeh says, “I asked before hand to post it, if my buddy said no way I wouldn’t have posted it.” When a commenter says, “Tell me they’re making mild,” Droogeh responds, “I have no idea! he just gave me this bag so hopefully they come out with all flavors!

Maybe Fire Sauce-flavored Doritos Locos Tacos shells are already in the works at the Taco Bell factory? You heard it here first.


[via Eater]

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