This week, America said goodbye to the Waffle Taco, which Taco Bell dropped from its breakfast menu. Simultaneously, the chain introduced the Biscuit Taco, which is exactly what it sounds like: “a warm, fluffy, buttery biscuit, folded in the shape of a taco.” The biscuit taco is filled with either crispy chicken and jalapeño honey or country gravy; or egg and cheese with bacon or sausage. Some are calling this a genius mashup, others are saying its a disgrace to Southern and Mexican culinary heritage.

Then there’s Josh Scherer, the food blogger behind Culinary Bro-Down, who was at Taco Bell bright and early this morning for the Chicken Biscuit Taco release. Scherer is a brave warrior; 6:59am is not a joke.

As food writer John Birdsall points out, “If you can’t handle 7am Taco Bell, get the hell out of the game.” After a well-spent 18 minutes, Scherer enters the establishment.

There’s a bit of confusion on the part of both Scherer and the employees. The Culinary Bro-Down mastermind can’t figure out where a peculiar chlorine smell is coming from; meanwhile, he says, “The biscuit tacos don’t exist on the cash register menu. The employees are confused. They refer to them as ’empanadas’ in Spanish parlance.” Finally, the two parties figure it all out.

Off the bat, Scherer points out problems with the Biscuit Taco packaging. At this point, Taco Bell should be paying him as a consultant, amirite?

Scherer asks the employees whether they personally partake in eating biscuit tacos. One employee’s response:

At the end of the day, Scherer is dissatisfied with his Biscuit Taco experience, and tosses the taco-biscuit breakfast mashup in the basura.

We asked Scherer the other two Taco Bell breakfast menu items he couldn’t get through. He said, “The original waffle taco and the California a.m. crunchwrap. Not down with all that artificial maple and electric green guac.

All in all, the Taco Bell journalist extraordinaire had more problems with the sausage biscuit taco than the chicken biscuit taco.

Others were entirely dissatisfied with their Biscuit Taco experience.

Some customers really liked it.

And one Twitter user simply made the Biscuit Taco into a yo mama joke.

At the end of the day, Scherer figured out where that overwhelming chlorine smell was coming from. Looks like he won’t be back at Taco Bell for breakfast anytime soon.

Intrigued? Go try the Chicken Biscuit Taco for yourself and tell us what you think in the comments.

[via Twitter/@CulinaryBroDown]