When it comes to phone accessorizing, Japan is always on that next-level shit.

The Japanese even have a word for the trend of putting mad bling all over your cell phone: “decoden.” But there is a specific type of Japanese cell-phone bling that is way more exciting than all the rest. We’re talking about realistic sushi art.

sushi iphone case 3

If you didn’t know better, you’d probably want to eat that beautiful uni and salmon roe pictured above. But alas, the two pieces of nigiri are part of an intricate and beautiful iPhone 5/5s case.

sushi iphone case 2 sushi iphone case 4 sushi iphone case 5 sushi iphone case 7

While a huge case like this isn’t great for anyone who likes to store their phone in their pocket, it is great to sport when you’re streaming Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

Several manufacturers currently crank out sushi cases, including Masutatsu Kajikawa. He’s even been involved in a creative workshop in Tokyo to get other people involved in making designs like this. Kajikawa told the Daily Mail,

“I love sushi so very, very much, so my passion for raw fish made me want to create these cases, for sushi lovers all over the world”

If you aren’t a fan of sea urchin or salmon roe, we hope you like unagi. This unagi case looks even more real than the sea urchin one.

sushi iphone case unagi sushi iphone case 10

This sweet grilled eel case is for the iPhone 4, so it’s a bit antiquated, and seller Strapya World notes that you have to take the case off before you take any photos because it covers the camera. But that case looks so delicious, we wonder if you’d even care.

sushi iphone case 8sushi iphone case 9

Photo: Joseph Tame

Love ebi or tamago? There’s a case for that, too. Please buy one of these, go to Sushi Nakazawa, whip out your sushi-studded cell phone, and put it on the bar while you dine. Maybe someone will try to eat it!

[via the Daily Mail]