If you want to get some quality hip-hop ink, you could do worse than to visit Ventura, CA’s Black Swan Collective. It’s home to tattoo artist Bryan Lavish, who just brought the world this:

lavish 1

If this #shoutoutoallthepear tattoo makes you think of that fan who got Drake’s mixtape cover tattooed practically as soon as it dropped, we don’t blame you.

Lavish does Drake tattoo art as well, although he’s not responsible for the Drake fan tat that went viral. Here’s Lavish’s work, below.

lavish 2

In honor of Friday the 13th, that clean, simple Drizzy portrait was just one of several $20 hip-hop flash pieces that Lavish was offering to the first 200 people to visit that day.

lavish 3

Now back to pear tattoos. The thugfruit ink is proof that the Year of the Pear is not over. Also, pear farmers must be beside themselves right about now, because you can’t buy marketing like this.

[via Instagram]