If all you’ve ever wanted to do on your phone is play a puzzle game with sticks of butter, eggs, and sugar cubes, Paula Deen is finally answering your prayers with Paula Deen Recipe Quest. We have to say, Deen hasn’t been this amusing since the halcyon days of Paula Deen Riding Things.

Just take a look at the completely magical ad, which may even be better than the game itself.

The mobile game is free, and is available in the iTunes store right now. An Android version will be available on March 16th according to the press release.

Players will complete 40 levels of puzzles, where the object is to gather ingredients to make Deen’s recipes. As you complete levels, you’ll receive downloadable recipe cards to make each recipe. In addition to the downloadable recipe cards, you can also win real prizes like subscriptions to the Paula Deen Network or a chance to cook alongside Paula on PDN.

Deen offered this insight in the press release:

“I am a gamer at heart and never leave my home without my iPad. Paula Deen’s Recipe Quest is an incredible and one-of-a-kind game that will allow y’all to cook up a storm with me while solving exciting puzzles. Plus, it’s free!”

According to one early reviewer on iTunes, the first 14 levels are free, but you have to buy the next level and “the price was unclear (a.k.a. no price was shared).”

Butter Crush Saga

This Twitter user had the best one-line game review we’ve seen so far.


Back To That Ad, Though

We don’t know what kind of drugs were involved in the making of this completely over-the-top ad, but that’s at least one way to beat the Kim Kardashian mobile app train.

From that psychotically happy grin on Deen’s face as she scoops and pours flour into a bowl in inexplicable slow-mo, to whipping out a GIGANTIC whisk to knock down some in-game points, that ad is over-the-top comedy gold. The Queen of Southern Cooking’s extremely serious rolling pin salute while standing on her kitchen island at the end is just the cherry on top.

This is also probably the only time we’ll ever have to criticize Deen for not using butter, but alas—no strange faces over butter are to be had in this ad. Maybe that’s why Deen’s people wisely turned off YouTube comments for this video.

We’ve GIFd the choicest moments for your (and our) amusement. Enjoy.

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