This might be the best Monday in recent memory: Not only do we get to watch Justin Bieber being roasted by Martha Stewart later, but we just found out that McDonald’s is testing out all-day breakfast. Business Insider reports that sometime in the next two months, customers “in one domestic market” will be able to order McGriddles and McMuffins at any time of day or night. Breakfast at dinner time is definitely our idea of a happy meal.

McDonald’s currently stops serving their breakfast menu at 10:30am, apparently because their grills aren’t big enough to handle both breakfast and lunch items. Why don’t they get bigger grills, you ask? An excellent question, and one we have asked ourselves many times when we’ve tried to order an egg and cheese McMuffin thirty minutes too late.

There are no details yet on which domestic market the trial will be taking place in, or why McDonald’s has decided to experiment with an all-day breakfast now. But we suspect it has something to do with other chains beefing up their breakfast offerings. Chick-Fil-A lured AM customers in with free coffee all through February, and Dunkin Donuts just announced that 10% of their eggs will be cage-free by the end of next year.

But McDonald’s biggest breakfast competitor right now is probably Taco Bell, who recently replaced their waffle taco with a brand-new biscuit taco available with chicken and gravy or egg and sausage. Despite the hype, Culinary Bro Down’s Josh Scherer tweeted that the new breakfast item has major structural issues and was a total letdown given he was waiting outside Taco Bell at 6:59am the day it launched. (And people say investigative journalism is dead).

McDonald’s is smart to protect its breakfast sales; according to Slate, the company earned $10 billion off breakfast in 2012, accounting for a third of total national fast-food breakfast sales that year. The good news for us is that as fast food chains vie for a piece of that breakfast pie, they’ll keep wooing us with free coffee, novelty breakfast items, and bacon-and-eggs anytime we damn well want them.

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