McDonald’s seems to have clocked on to the fact that there’s a whole world of hamburger clothing going on without it. Realizing it could totally own that Venn diagram intersection of food, fashion, and mild self-loathing, the company launched a Big Mac-inspired lifestyle collection yesterday at a fashion show in Sweden.

The burger-printed apparel includes a rain coat, Wellington boots, dog coat, and thermal underwear; it’s definitely geared towards a Northern European market.

dogcoat rainboots raincoat

AdWeek reports that the thermals were previously a one-off item linked to McDonald’s sponsorship of the Swedish Alpine and Cross Country Ski Team.

thermals1 thermals2

There’s also burger emblazoned bedding and wallpaper for the true devotee. You might scoff, but a food feature wall could really tie your bathroom together.

beddingAll photos: McDonald's, AdWeekwallpaper

Reactions around the Complex office have echoed the way we feel about eating fast food in general, somewhere between “I am personally insulted and morally outraged by how distasteful and ridiculous this is” and “this is so bad that it’s awesome and I want to roll around naked in it.”

“I’m either gonna kill myself or pour my life savings into McDonalds stock,” says Complex special projects senior editor James Harris. “The best part is the woman working out in Air Force 1s.”

Senior editor Lawrence Schlossman adds:

I mean this shit is super corny and totally embarrassing if worn in public, but, then again, I FUCKING LOVE BIG MACS, so it’s kinda sorta tight? I’m definitely copping that doggie jacket for my Frenchie because I am an asshole.

All of the lifestyle items are available through the Swedish Big Mac Shop, which for some reason doesn’t actually sell Big Macs.

[via AdWeek]