UPDATE: No joke—here’s the ebay listing. As of Wednesday morning, Kanye’s leftovers from Nando’s are going for $11,797 (or 8,000 GBP).

The Kanye thirst has reached peak levels. Next, resellers will be scouring the schoolyard for North’s discarded Lunchables.


Photo: ebay

To put this all into context, Yeezy stopped by South African chicken chain Nando’s before his performance at the Brit Awards at O2 Arena in London.

‘Ye being ‘Ye, he literally climbed up on the counter and orchestrated a gigantic group selfie. 


Ask yourself: Are you thirsty enough to pay $12K for a single chicken nugget and a “tiny fire blanket” (a.k.a., crumpled napkin) that may or may not have touched Yeezus’ mouth? We’re going to guess yes.


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