A few years ago, at the dawn of the kale age, Los Angeles food writer Jonathan Gold tweeted, “Sometime someone will pickle kale and that will be the great convergence and then the world will end.” Shockingly, it looks like the downfall of kale will take place prior to the world ending.

That’s right, McDonald’s is reportedly adding kale to its menu this year. Kale was always destined to get Jamba Juice’d into the mass market, but an announcement from McDonald’s that it will use the trendy green in either salads or smoothies verifies kale’s place in the world of food trends that have jumped the shark.

This is a surprising move from McDonald’s, considering the company launched an anti-kale/pro-Big Mac campaign at the beginning of this year.


McDonald’s is struggling to improve consumers’ perception of its food, and thinks kale could do the trick. A McDonald’s spokesperson told Business Insider:

As we continue to listen to our customers, we’re always looking at new and different ingredients that they may enjoy. Adding kale to the menu in some way could help be a step in this direction.

As is the case with all trendy ingredients adopted by Big Food, the indie food world will now begin rejecting kale. It’s only time before a restaurant pops up called “Anything But Kale” in Williamsburg or Silver Lake.

Meanwhile, IHOP will add kale pancakes to its menu, Hooter’s will debut kale-crusted wings, and Pizza Hut will introduce kale-stuffed crust.

The green—which started gaining popularity in the U.S. about five years ago—now appears on 400% more restaurant menus than it did five years ago, according to USA Today.

Now, a fun fact from ESPN’s Darren Rovell:


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