While import CDs have a consistent reputation for awesome packaging, Junk Science’s new double CD And The Hundred Dollar Sandwich blows everything else in 2015 out of the water. We know we briefly mentioned it before, as part of our Brief History of Rappers and Sandwiches, but this album packaging is so special, it deserves its own write-up.

Rapper Baje One and producer Snafu are responsible for the tunes on the double CD, but they handed design responsibility for the packaging over to Cool Calm Pete.

This ‘Sandwich’ will cost you $20 on their Bandcamp, but considering that it’s a specially designed freezer-safe zip-top bag filled with 2 CDs that function as ‘bread’ and 10 individual die-cut ‘ingredients’ pages that make up the rest of the sandwich, we’d say it’s well worth the price of admission. Since Bandcamp knows you won’t want to wait for your tunes, you can download high-quality sound files immediately after purchase to tie you over while you wait by your mailbox.

Just look at all this and tell us you don’t want one.

$100 sandwich 2 $100 sandwich 3 $100 sandwich 4 $100 sandwich 5 $100 sandwich 6 $100 sandwich 7 $100 sandwich 8

[via Complex]