Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson was a real life case study in excess. His daily routine involved a steady rotation of cocaine, Chivas, Dunhills, orange juice, and acid.

Like any journalist, Thompson hit up his editor when he felt he should be reimbursed for business-related expenses. Unlike most journalists, Thompson’s expenses included 100 grapefruits, 26 pounds of ketchup, and two dozen coconuts.

The Fear & Loathing author’s justification for the expenses, which included a white Cadillac convertible? “You can’t send a man out in a fucking Pinto or a VW to seek out the American Dream in Las Vegas.”

Read the whole letter from Thompson to his editor below.


After his expenses were denied, Thompson followed up with this amusing note:


Paul Scanlan, managing editor of Rolling Stone throughout the Seventies, told GQ, “Somewhere I have my favourite expenses bill [from Thompson], which was for $42,000 for Part Two of ‘Polo Is My Life,’ which was never written. It’s a pretty amazing list, including the bar tabs, the mini-bar tabs, and something like $700 for an incinerated sofa.

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