An Aussie man named Jarred Smith woke up and went to get some Corn Flakes, like people do. Surprise! A 6-foot-long diamond python was waiting inside.

I’m trying to make my fucking food. Bitch ass is out in the kitchen, fuck me. Scared the life out of me. That’s a fucking snake in there, PS.

Watch the video to see what could happen to you tomorrow morning. #StayWoke

Are you coming out of that video-watching experience afraid and confused? Check out the Karl Pilkington clip below which explains that every Australian animal can and will probably kill you.

Smith, who lives in Davidson, told his father about the unexpected intruder, and they called the New South Wales Wildlife Information, Rescue, and Education Service (WIRES) for help.

WIRES member Chris McGreal rescued the diamond python and returned it to nearby bushland. This means it’s still out there, and coming for you.

[via YouTube]

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