The @H0tGirlsEatingPizza Instagram account has been getting some buzz of late, which means its relatively modest 8,300 followers will likely start multiplying exponentially. If you haven’t checked it out, the name is pretty self explanatory.

The account was started just over a year ago by New York-based Marta Freedman. “I was already taking photos/Polaroids of myself and my friends eating pizza since the summer of 2013. In the spring of 2014, I was going through a breakup and also dealing with the loss of my mother and I basically needed a project to keep me busy,” she told Lucky Peach in a recent interview.

Freedman either reaches out to women she wants to photograph, or aspiring hot girls submit themselves for her consideration. If accepted, they meet for a slice, which got us wondering what Freedman’s favorite pizza joint is. “It’s hard to pick just one, there are so many and I eat so much great pizza!” she told First We Feast. “But I had some really unique pies at Pizza Beach over the weekend.”

Once the pie has been ordered, the shot is always set up in the same way: An iPhone photo of a Polaroid on a pizza slice.

This composition is key, because it turns a series that could be overly sexual into something akin to an art project. Hot girls doing anything attracts a certain type of viewer, but all art directors and marketing execs know that hot girls’ mouths are how you use sex to sell a product during daylight hours.

The polaroid creates an extra layer or buffer zone between the viewer and the subject, plus the backdrop slice means the pizzas in the shot outnumber the hot girl 2:1.

Also, the image now references three forms of photo technology: the polaroid, the smartphone, and Instagram. That’s way too cerebral to be gratuitous, right?

Freedman also maintains integrity through her model selection. She picks fashionable women that aren’t showing too much skin, and her #wcw posts are of kick-ass grrrls like Ilana Glazer and Daria (yes, she’s animated, and your point is?).

While you’re scrolling through photos of gorgeous women and even more gorgeous pizza, remember what you’re not seeing here: cleavage, licking, foodgasm faces. “As a general rule, I direct the photo to never look too suggestive, focus on the pizza as much as the girls, and always have fun,” says Freedman.

She actively enforces the account’s mission statement/ Instagram bio of “a tasteful photo project…celebrating cool girls & hot pizza.” And if you mess with that, you will be blocked, like this user was two weeks ago.

A different kind of H0t Girls Eating Pizza series could have had 83,000 followers in the same amount of time. What we love about this account is that it combines three of our favorite things: attractive people, pizza, and class.

“At the end of the day, it’s really not about ‘hot.’ I named it that because it’s tongue-and-cheeky and it catches your attention,” says Freedman. “I’ve always wanted to feature cool girls I admire, and I’m so thankful this project gives me the opportunity to hang out and meet so many.”