Between officiating a huge gay marriage ceremony in Florida and getting a shoutout from Drake on his latest album, we thought Guy Fieri was turning his image around.

But it seems that The Mayor of Flavortown hasn’t forgot what he’s best at: creating (and eating) ridiculously large portions of food.

At the 2015 South Beach Wine & Food festival held last month, the Food Network notable “dished out the cheesiest, meatiest nachos ever … in a trashcan,” reports the FN blog.


Why a trashcan? “It was the only container large enough to hold his super-layered snack — so large, in fact, that when it came time to serve the nachos, Guy needed a few friends’ help to flip the can over,” writes Food Network.

Since the key to #NachoSuccess is layer upon layer of ingredients, Fieri made sure the homemade three-cheese sauce, carne asada, and beans were evenly piled into the can.

Head here to check out an entire photo gallery of the making of Guy’s next-level nachos.


The Food Network reports, “Despite some minor slippage, all of the chips and fixings managed to land on the tray.” We can breathe again!

The Frosty-Tipped One finished off the nacho pile with jalapeños, salsa, and more queso. Is it just us, or is Fieri on fire right now?

Better question: Will Fieri be competing in this year’s First We Feast nacho battle? Only time will tell.

[via FN Dish]