When you need a fish sandwich, you need a fish sandwich. The fact that you are on live TV should not stop you.

Traffic Jam Jimmy, a Baltimore-area traffic reporter for FOX, knows this all too well. The man, who sports a ridiculous orange beard, was caught on live TV trying to order a fish sandwich from a McDonald’s drive thru as he reported on road conditions during Thursday’s snow storm. Since he was at the drive-thru at 7am, there were no fish sandwiches to be had. Jimmy remedied the situation by ordering a Egg McMuffin and black coffee.


“I didn’t know we were coming live. I’m sorry,” he says after pulling away from the ordering window. He continues, “Anyway, I’m hungry so I’m going to get a little something to eat. [If] they expect you to work for eight hours in the car, you gotta eat, Candice. Anyway, don’t tell the boss I did this. I’ll be back in a little while.

You fight for your right to eat Filet-O-Fish, Jimmy. You da man.

[via YouTube]