Today is National Pancake Day, a completely made up holiday on which IHOP gives away free short stacks and encourages diners to leave a donation for charity.

#NationalPancakeDay started trending on Twitter yesterday.

And this morning, classrooms and college campuses around the country looked like this.

Because everyone was on line at IHOP, even though it’s freezing out.

Why stand in the cold for hours instead of make pancakes yourself in 5 minutes? Because it’s free.

For some people, getting your free pancakes is a serious business.

It requires commitment and forward planning.

But not everyone is buying into it.

If you are missioning to IHOP today, remember to actually donate to the Children’s Miracle Network—and also to tip your server because they’re probably having the worst day of their lives. Also, beware the post-pancake shame spiral. The struggle is real.