This Australian dude thinks he’s from Dragon Ball Z. Twenty-year-old Adrian Van Oyen uploaded the above video to his Facebook page with the comment: “Who gives a fuck about those who say you can’t do it, you CAN be a Super Saiyan if you truly believe!” Words to live by.

Oyen knows that unlocking the mighty Super Saiyan can be a rather time consuming process. The jokester heads to McDonald’s, KFC, and his local grocery store, where he unleashes the Super Saiyan aura. He also runs up to people on the beach and asks if they’re Krillin. Lmao.


Most of the people around him—including bikini-clad beach goers, college professors, and grocery store customers—seem to be genuinely amused. But that doesn’t mean everyone…


Fun fact: Oyen authored a book called The Key to Confidence. We’ve purchased a copy, and plan to read the entire thing cover to cover in one sitting.

[via Facebook]