Do you drink as much as Mad Men‘s antihero Don Draper? According to, Don consumed 52 drinks during season 6, which rounds out to about 3 drinks per day. Well, that’s not too excessive, right?

The only thing is, the detox website believes Don had a heavy pour, with 3.33 drinks in each of his one drinks. This means Mr. Draper’s been downing closer to 10 drinks per day, or 164 over the season.


The “negative consequences” of Don’s binge drinking, according to the website, include: getting suspended from his job, punching a minister, and vomiting at a funeral. Good look, Don.


Given his dark, abusive childhood spent in a brothel, Don’s alcoholic tendencies make some sense.

But if you told Don Draper he was an alcoholic, he’d probably react like…


Which is more or less how all heavy drinkers react to the suggestion that they might have a problem.

Then again, in season 6, Roger Sterling points out to Don: “They say once you start drinking alone, you’re an alcoholic. I’m really trying to avoid that.” Don responds, “So I guess I’m helping both of us.”

Check out the whole “Drunk like Don Draper” infographic here.