Bad enough that some customers leave restaurants without paying their bill, but in the past month, two jilted servers actually had physical injury added to their insult.

Last month, a couple skipped out on their $80 bill at Coram Diner in Long Island, New York and were confronted in the parking lot by a waitress. Surveillance video footage shows her physically blocking the path of their car, and a few moments later, clinging to the hood as the car drives away. According to ABC News, she held on for about 250 yards before sliding off and sustaining minor injuries. Police are still searching for the couple.

Photo: YouTube/ Suffolk County Police

Photo: YouTube/ Suffolk County Police

While that seems like a horrific freak occurrence, unfortunately something very similar happened over the weekend in Anaheim, California. According to CBS News, four people left Mexico Lindo Que Rico restaurant without paying their bill. When a waitress followed them into the parking lot, they allegedly hit her with their car, driving over her leg as they escaped. All four were subsequently arrested.

Perhaps there’s a lesson here for restaurant staff that confronting criminals isn’t necessarily a good move. However, publicizing the perpetrators’ faces on social media yields surprising results. A few weeks ago, a Canadian restaurant posted photos of two dine-and-dashers on Facebook and Twitter. They were recognized while dining at another restaurant, picked up by the police, and taken to settle their outstanding bill, reports CBC News.

And in February, a French couple who racked up a $230 tab in Australia were similarly shamed via social media, reports WA Today. The Facebook post was shared by so many members of the local community that the story even made national news. When the couple’s employer saw what had happened, he sent them back to the restaurant to pay what they owed (and fired them, obviously).

Because sometimes justice is swift, and hella satisfying.


[via Consumerist]