NASA sent Momofuku chef David Chang a variety of astronaut food to play with—including freeze-dried shiitakes, pork, and chicken. What did the ramen revolutionary do with all this space food? He made ramen broth, of course.

Chang says,

Screwing around with the concept of freeze-dried food was the catalyst for trying to make a better ramen stock, and to our surprise, it actually worked.

The chef explains that freeze drying is “probably the best way of preserving the flavor of food.”

Ramen broth can be made in under 10 minutes with the help of flavor-packed freeze-dried ingredients. To make the “better broth,” Chang adds Benton ham hocks and kombu dashi in a stock pot and covers with water. He adds in the pulverized freeze-dried shiitake mushrooms, along with the freeze-dried pork and chicken in powder form, brings everything to a boil, strains the liquid, and seasons it. Voila, he’s made a quick and easy ramen broth. Now, about securing those ingredients from NASA…

[via YouTube/Mind of a Chef]

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