Whether you think unboxing videos are useful or ridiculous (or some kind of consumerist Christmas morning nostalgia porn), clips of people opening new products make up a decent chunk of YouTube these days. “Since 2010, the number of YouTube clips with ‘unboxing’ in the headline has increased 871%,” reports CNN. “Last year alone, 2,370 days, or 6.5 years, worth of unboxing footage was uploaded to the site.”

Tech and gadgets are most common subjects, but toys are popular too, which might be why Sesame Street decided to get in on the game—and totally dominate it. A week ago, the children’s program uploaded this clip of cookie monster unboxing his lunch to YouTube.

Like most good children’s content, it works on two levels: A lesson on healthy eating for kids, delivered with a satirical wink to parents. It’s racked up close to 120,000 views, which led to a second—even better—unboxing video being dropped today.

In the latest clip, which you can view at the top of the page, cookie monster reverently unboxes a broccoli pizza (still preaching that 5-and-2) while schooling the viewer on basic shapes. He even sneaks in a crack about Count Von Count. The combination of food porn, pop culture parody, and learning is nothing short of brilliant; but to be honest, cookie monster, you had us at pizza.

[via Laughing Squid]