If you’re from a major pizza hub like NYC or Chicago, you know your city takes pie seriously. That’s almost how seriously British people take the concept of the fry-up.

You’re sadly mistaken if you think “fry-up” is what the Brits call a simple breakfast. For the unfamiliar, the British fry-up got its start as the full English breakfast, and is a hallowed British tradition dating back to Victorian times. The English Breakfast Society has a full history here, and like any food that’s the pride of an entire country, there is considerable debate about how to do it right.

English people’s love for the fry-up runs deep, and so, London-based Burger Gang tread cautiously when posting its own fry-up on Facebook rating forum The Fry Up Police.

Is The Fry-Up Really That Serious?

In the video above, Burger Gang chooses to include hash browns in their version of a fry-up. The English Breakfast Society would definitely not approve:

“Hash browns however is a controversial ingredient that many believe does not belong in a traditional English breakfast and we agree, hash browns are for Americans and if we want potato in our breakfast, we will have chips (quite common).”

Burger Gang’s Finished Product

burger gang fry up small

Here’s the official Burger Gang review of their own fry-up: “Where you would go to do any better…I mean, you’d have to pull a fucking egg out of the Queen’s arse to top that.”

The Fry Up Police Verdict

burger gang fry up police verdict

The Fry Up Police didn’t have a problem with the contents of the Burger Gang’s rendition, but the plating was lacking—specifically, the 11-inch plate that Burger Gang used. Many Facebook commenters felt it was simply too small. Burger Gang host Lewis Richards’ response:

“No, Albert, we didn’t have a larger plate, because they don’t fucking exist. Who has massive, overly-sized giant plates in their house? Not us. What a dick.”

While reading the reviews, another Burger Gang conversation dug deep:

“Well, that sausage is the closest thing you’ve got to a child, right?”

“That’s the most love and care I’ve paid to anything in about 16 years, since I left school.”

The Fry Up Police final verdict was mostly positive, and even said that, with a little more effort, Burger Gang could have a Hall-of-Fame breakfast plate on their hands. Not bad for a first attempt, but we don’t know if they’ll be willing to go through that homemade sausage struggle situation again.

[via Burger Gang]

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