BuzzFeed’s content runs the gamut from in-depth reporting to mindless puppy listicles, but in terms of online video, the site has made its own cottage industry out of so-called “reaction videos”—especially ones where people try different foods for the first time.

While most of these clips are pretty benign (people trying Starbucks!), many of them—including the recent “Mexican People Try Taco Bell for the First Time”—play on cultural stereotypes and ideas of “authenticity.”

Over at All Def Digital, three comedians—Teddy Ray, Brandon Lewis, and Tony Baker—decided to spoof the format with their own take: Black people trying “white people food” for the first time. Here are some of their comments from the tasting:

  • On kale: “This tastes like swimming pool.”
  • On mayonnaise: “White people put Mayonnaise on everything. Mayonnaise to white people is black people hot sauce.”
  • On being served hummus plain: “Y’all don’t have any pita bread? Y’all think we’re uncultured or something?”
  • On head cheese: “Basically, it’s everything in the pig from the rooter to the tooter, mixed with some cheese in this motherf***a. That sh*t fire.”
  • On unsweetened tea: “This is the same tea that Kermit was drinking when he said ‘no shade.'”


We’re still working on our own reaction video—”Actual Dark Ages Peasants Try Medieval Times for the First Time!”—but we’re having trouble sourcing the talent.

[via Youtube]