Moutainsmith’s new Cooler Tube, a cylindrical-shaped bag that you can sling over your shoulder, might just be the G.O.A.T. beer carrier/cooler.

Why? Picture this: You’re on the way to the park with a six-pack of Other Half Green Diamonds IPA—but everyone you walk past thinks you’re about to do yoga.

The beer-carrying tube holds and cools your canned brews, so when you get to the park (or to the beach, or to the end of your backpacking excursion), your beers are chilled and ready to go. What’s more, the bag is waterproof sealed and features an adjustable shoulder strap.

The Cooler Tube comes in two colors, hemp and teal, and it’s available on the Mountainsmith website for $21.95 to $24.95.


[via Infinite Legroom]

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