A topless online “cooking” show—which may or may not have been a covert marketing campaign for Doritos Roulette—is going viral. Or at least it was until the Youtube channel appeared to be shut down around noon EST today. Three episodes had been uploaded to A Fuego Maximo’s channel since March 10, which Google Translate alternately explains as “maximum fire” and “fire up.”

In each clip, an attractive Argentinian twentysomething named Jenn prepared a low-level dish in her underwear while strategically obscuring her nipples with various ingredients to comply with YouTube standards.


We recognize this is a bit like complaining about a porn script, but on the whole her recipes were pretty underwhelming. Episode one involved wrapping hot dogs in cheese and tortilla shells, episode two showed you how to put lettuce and bell peppers in a bowl to make salad, and episode three involved bunging avocado, tomato, and onion together to make “guac.”


That episode ended with the recommendation to enjoy your guacamole with tortilla chips and a good beer. While the items are unbranded, the chips could easily be of the Doritos variety, fueling the rumor that this might all be part of an elaborate, slow-reveal marketing ploy.


Before the week-old channel was shut down, it had racked up more than 20,000 subscribers and half a million views. That’s about double the views of the most-watched episode of Cooking in the Raw, an actually-naked cooking show on Vimeo. While part of that might be down to YouTube’s reach and the relative attractiveness of the hosts, there’s no doubt that production value does indeed count for something.

Photo: Cooking in the Raw

A screengrab from the more amateur-looking Cooking in the Raw show on Vimeo.

At this point, there’s only speculation on why the channel was mysteriously pulled today. Did Jenn realize that hosting cooking shows in your underwear is actually not a good career move for an aspiring actress? Did a Doritos marketing exec see the poll results for Carl Jr.’s sexy Superbowl ad, which more than 50% of viewers found offensive, irritating, and annoying? Did Jamie Oliver (the original Naked Chef) and Cooking Channel seductress Nigella Lawson team up to sabotage the perky newcomer who can’t cook?

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