An Italian fisherman named Dino Ferrari just earned his G card, as he caught this absolutely monster catfish last week.

Here are the specs behind the beast, according to Ferrari’s sponsor Sportex: it’s 8.75 feet long, weighs 280 pounds, and was caught in the Po River in northern Italy. CNN notes how Ferrari’s catch is special:

[pullquote]One thing that makes the latest Po River catch unique is that it was done with a spinning reel, said [Sportex representative Davide] Valla, who called it a record for such fishing tackle. It took Ferrari 40 minutes to bring in the fish, then bring it to shore, his sponsor said.[/pullquote]

Unfortunately for Ferrari, his catch wasn’t the G.O.A.T. when it came to that type of catfish, even in his own country. Another fisherman caught a 298-pound wels in the Po River; the world-record for largest catfish ever snagged was a 342-pound lau-lau catfish in Brazil’s Amazon.

After he caught the fish, Ferrari released it back into the river, which might disappoint those who dreamed of it providing an entire village’s worth of fried catfish sandwiches. Still, Ferrari walks away with one killer fish tale and some awesome picture. Check them out below.

[CNN via Uproxx]