Street artist Gabriel Spencer made Instagram waves last month when a work of his, a faux-sign that read “White Hassle,” appeared on the facade of a now-shuttered Brooklyn White Castle.

That sign, a response to Brooklyn’s rapid gentrification, befit the fast-food chain’s former location because it will soon become a luxury high-rise. Spencer’s work seems to have proven prophetic, as another former BKNY White Castle, this one in the East Williamsburg neighborhood, will also transform into a sterile, gaudy apartment complex.

Per BK Mag:

Remember the beloved East Williamsburg White Castle that shuttered last year, never again to churn out those sweet, greasy sliders that we all know and love?

Well, the site of that White Castle at 781 Metropolitan Avenue just sold to a company called Adam America. And how much did they buy it for? Oh, a cool $23 million. That’s even more outrageous when you consider that the building’s owner had sold the same space in 2013 for $6.7 million. That’s right, people: That’s more than triple what it cost just a year before.

Adamamerica’s already got specs on their website about that new project. Here’s how they describe it in the most #WhitePeopleBeLike jargon possible:

781 Metropolitan is located in one of Brooklyn’s newest up-and-coming favorites, East-Williamsburg. The new structure is expected to be the next hottest development in the area. It is just minutes away from an endless amount of cool hangouts. This state-of-the-art rental is conveniently located right above the Graham Avenue station on the L line, which is only three short stops away from Manhattan.

Cool hangouts. Newest up-and-coming. Conveniently located.

Anything described as the above should never replace a White Castle. Long live White Castle.

[Via BK Mag]