You know that phrase, “You’re so cute I could eat you up”? Well, while we were watching the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show yesterday, we got to thinking: show dogs, in addition to resembling their owners, look a hell of a lot like our favorite desserts.

If you don’t think there’s an uncanny resemblance between a Neapolitan Mastiff and rippling chocolate, FOH. Here are eight Westminster Dog Show contestants that look like everything from marshmallow fluff to shredded halvah.

Greyhound / Peanut Butter Brownies

dog1Photo: Jack Grassa, Sally’s Baking Addiction

Spaniel / Marshmallow Fluff

marshmallow fluff

Photo: Steve Surfman, Etsy

Standard Poodle / A single blackberry


Photo: FacebookFlickr

Shih Tzu / Chocolate Fudge Sundae


Photo: Facebook, Yummly

Neapolitan Mastiff / Rippling chocolate


Photo: Facebook, Baking Bites

Old English Sheepdog / Shredded halvah


Photo: FacebookPretty Stories

Fox Terrier / Ice Cream Cone


Photo: Facebook, Caster Connection

15 inch Beagle / Chocolate-caramel bar


Photo: Facebook, Our Food Shed

[h/t The New York Times, 101 Dalmatians]