We all know that rappers really, really love Benihana. But its not 2Chainz nor T.I. that holds the record for most visits to Benihana in one year. That title goes to Salt Lake City resident Jack King.

The 51-year-old electrical salesman (a.k.a #worldstar) ate at Benihana 579 times last year, which earned him a trip for two to any Benihana location in the U.S., as well as a $1,000 gift card from the chain.

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King’s next closest competitor had more than 300 visits, he told The Salt Lake Tribune.

How’d he do it? “My daily visits were at lunch—and sometimes lunch and dinner, and I ate at as many as three Benihana location per day while I was traveling,” King said in an interview with First We Feast. To prove he really did eat at Benihana that many times, King had his photo taken by the staff each time he visited.

Of course, we wanted to know his go-to order. Here were his two staples:

[pullquote]The Express Lunch Combo [also called the Lunch Duette] with chicken and shrimp, along with a salad, rice, veggies, and green tea. It’s a real bargain at around $10. My alternate order was from the sushi lounge area—a salmon lunch boat with broiled teriyaki salmon, served with shrimp and vegetable tempura, rice, edamame, and a full California roll (or alternately half a roll and sashimi). The salmon boat also comes with miso soup and salad with house dressing.[/pullquote]

King says he’s lost 20 pounds during his year of feasting at Benihana. Guess he never went for that extra garlic butter à la 2Chainz.


Other pro Benihana tips from King?

They have great sushi and bargain evening food specials in the lounge (their Banzai Hour), which is daily from 5pm to 8pm. The sushi is half priced!

At this point, this man’s got to be getting some serious cash money from Benihana corporate to speak to thirsty journalists. Well, big ups to King for becoming Benihana royalty and (potentially) getting paid to eat out a lot.


[via The Salt Lake Tribune]

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