From Maya Rudolph to Dwayne Johnson, photographer Blake Little’s list of portraiture is impressive. When an award-winning photographer like Little talks to models and says, “Hey, I want to coat you in honey and take some photos,” they’re probably going to go with it.

preservation 5

Little says the honey thing came about by accident. He was shooting a “bearish” male model, so he had the man sit in a bear pose and dip his hand in some honey. Little noticed that as the honey coated and dripped off of it, the hand looked like it was preserved in amber. From there, Little decided to shoot a wide range of shapes, sizes, and ages of models—all coated in honey—for his “Preservation” series.

Just how much honey was involved? Little bought foodservice jugs of honey that come in five-pound jugs, and estimates that he went through around 900 of those jugs. That’s 4,500 pounds of honey.

Little is celebrating the release of the “Preservation” book on February 28th. Little will also be showing the photographs in the “Preservation” series at LA’s Kopeikin Gallery from March 7 through April 18, 2015, according to Design Boom.

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