Iggy Azalea threw major shade at Papa John’s on Twitter a few weeks ago, after a delivery driver gave out her personal phone number to his family members.




Today, she recounted the episode in detail during a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest, which included this awesome re-enactment of a young Papa John’s employee named Ryan losing his shit after realizing whom he was delivering pizza to.

According to the Azalea, the guy didn’t just flip out at her house, but later shared her phone number with his sister and cousin. That led to a barrage of unwanted texts and phone calls, causing the rapper to call up Papa John’s to complain.

Azalea says she didn’t want to be pretentious so she didn’t drop her name, but apparently privacy complaints from plebs are treated like playground fights. The supervisor she spoke to promised to sort it out.

“He didn’t sort it out,” Azalea says. “He sent my assistant a text message that said, ‘Don’t worry, I’ve spoken to Ryan’s mother about it and it’s all cool.'”

Iggy was understandably underwhelmed by the company’s response, and took to Twitter right before the Grammy’s to vent her frustration.




Once Papa John’s flacks caught wind of the situation, they apologized publicly and even had the Senior Vice President call Azalea and offer her free pizza. She declined.

“This isn’t about free pizza. I’m totally cool paying for pizza,” she laughs. “I’m not trying to sue anyone over pizza. I just want to make sure that they, you know, recognize that and take that serious.”

Competitors were quick to capitalize on Papa John’s gaffe. DiGiorno was first off the mark, tweeting this as soon as Azalea aired her grievance:


But now it appears that Pizza Hut might end up being the real winner.

“I’ve been talking to Pizza Hut,” says Azalea, “and I’m a VIP member now.”

[via XXL]