Swedish mashup food of the week alert! The smörgåstårta is a layered Swedish sandwich-cake, made of mayonnaise-and-fruit salad, seafood, liver pate, and other typical Swedish ingredients.

The YouTuber above demonstrates how to make his version of smörgåstårta, which he dubs the “Viking Cake” due to its pirate ship-like shape. He uses mimosasallad (which, contrary to what you may think, is not a salad made of mimosas), rakor (shrimps), the iconic “toothpaste caviar” called Svennes, and rolled ham.

“It’s a little bit like a Boston creme pie,” says the smörgåstårta maker.


So, how does smörgåstårta taste? “Usually pretty creamy and salty. A bit like a creamy sandwich that has been sitting in flavourful stuff for some time, i guess…” says one Redditor.


Please, recreate this Viking sandwich-cake-boat at home and invite all of your friends over for a Viking-themed smörgåstårta party.

[via YouTube]

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