Startup Roadie Inc., the first “neighbor-to-neighbor shipping network,” wants to entice you to earn some extra pocket money (and free waffles) by delivering packages on the way to where you’re already going.

Today, Waffle House announced a partnership with Roadie, in which Waffle House will offer Roadie drivers free food and drinks at its more than 1,750 restaurants in 25 states, while providing a convenient meeting location for drivers and senders. Roadies—as we’re told they’re called—get a free waffle upon downloading the app and a free beverage when they’re on a delivery gig. And who doesn’t love waffles?


Roadie founder Marc Gorlin tells BuzzFeed,

[pullquote]It’s not bullshit. [Roadie is about] people helping each other out. [And] the hospitality that you get inside a Waffle House is second to none. You couldn’t pick a better first partner. We’re going to be sending people to Waffle Houses and they’re going to provide awesome benefits to Roadies and recipients alike when they’re on the gig and help market Roadie.[/pullquote]

So far, the Roadie app has been downloaded more than 7,000 times—and now that there’s free waffles involved, we’re sure that number will skyrocket.

Maybe Roadie’s second partnership will be with Luda? And maybe that partnership will involve Luda handing out free chicken-n-beer to Roadies? Gorlin, if you’re out there, make it happen.

[via WSJ]