Burger patties grilled with mustard? Whole onions instead of chopped? Toasted buns? When fast food is the only option, it’s best to come equipped with an arsenal of hacks—small requests or customizations that go a long way to improving your meal.

For the most part, In-N-Out has dominated this conversation over the years. There are even multiple guides on the Internet that break down the particulars: the not-so-secret menu items (like Animal-style) or super-secret customizations (like cold cheese requests). But a recent Quora discussion shows that we may have been sleeping on the most ubiquitous chain of them all: McDonald’s.

On the forum Quora, former Golden Arch employees spill the beans on how to get the most out of your McDonald’s experience. Here are a few of our favorites:

Request a Shell Egg Instead of Liquid One


Ask for a “round egg” (the same one used on McMuffins) if you want to freshen up your breakfast order. (Here’s an insider’s look at the enormous egg facility used by McDonald’s.)

Nix the Onions to Get a Fresh Patty


Here’s a way to get a fresh patty without sounding like a douche: Simply ask for a burger without onions. Instead of scraping them off, McDonald’s employees will cook up a new patty rather than grabbing one that’s been sitting under a heat lamp. (Photo: HappyMeal/Flickr)

McD’s Style “Chicken and Waffles” Exist


If you’re blessed enough to live near a McDonald’s that sells Southern Style Chicken Biscuit Sandwiches, you can substitute chicken for sausage in a fluffy McGriddle. (Photo: BrandEating)

The McGangBang Will Destroy You


A McChicken sandwiched between a McDouble? Say hello to the McGangBang. This isn’t really a hack or secret-menu item per se, but it’s something you can build if you’re feeling frisky. Quora user Chuck Chan notes, “The McLand, Air, and Sea is a McDouble (land), McChicken (air), and Fish Filet (sea) all married together into one harmonious behemoth.” #DoItForTheGram (Photo BurgerAddict)

[via Quora, h/t FoodBeast]