San Francisco has a reputation for a few things, including great food, friendly people, and an insanely high cost of living. Occasionally, frustrations boil over and you get scenes like this, at Salumeria in the Mission District, which Uptown Almanac reports happened Monday night:

Then, on Tuesday night, a Mission District vegan Mexican restaurant called Gracias Madre got hit with even harsher words:

Eater SF reports that neither restaurant is new to the area. Gracias Madre has been open since 2010, while Salumeria has been open since 2012. ESF also adds that the neighborhood has traditionally been working-class, so upscale places like Salumeria that serve $12 sandwiches get massive side-eye from longtime locals.

While we obviously don’t recommend defacing restaurants, Gracias Madre GM Ken McCown didn’t necessarily draw sympathy when he told CBS SF Bay Area

“We employ primarily Latin and South American people so we have always tried to be engaged in that community.” 

McCown may have meant well, but phrasing is everything, as this commenter points out:

sf graffiti cbs reaction

McCown later added, 

“If people understood who we are and what we stand for as an organization, they would think differently than that sort of anger.”

Gracias Madre manager Rodrigo Garcia told CBS SF Bay Area that about half his staff are from Mexico, and said that while he understands where that anger is coming from, 

“This is not the way because really every time you do something like that, you’re impacting the people that you’re claiming to be speaking for.”

For what it’s worth, Gracias Madre currently maintains a 4-star rating on Yelp, with 1709 reviews. As usual, some people like it more than others, but gentrification issues even pop up in some Yelp reviews:

sf graffiti gracias madre yelp review

Photo: Yelp/Jessica F.

Meanwhile, Salumeria has a 4-star Yelp average and 143 total reviews. Again, statements like “tasty overpriced food (we spent $40 for two grilled cheese and two soups)” pop up throughout the reviews. It would be interesting in cases like these to see a breakdown between reviews of locals vs. reviews of visitors, but unfortunately Yelp doesn’t sort that way.

So far, these are the only two Mission District restaurants tagged this week, but Eater SF mentions that similar harassment led to the closure of another business called Local’s Corner back in November. LC owner Yaron Milgrom said at the time, [pullquote]”[The vandalism’s] impact was less financial than emotional. More than the sting, it was the cumulative wear.”[/pullquote]

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