On Tuesday night at 8:30pm, an unidentified man in his thirties walked into the Taco Bell on Drumm St. in San Francisco’s Financial District, pointed a handgun at someone standing in line, and told everyone in the Taco Bell to get on the ground, according to CBS SF Bay Area.

Then the robber jumped the counter and pointed his gun at a Taco Bell employee, who grabbed the gun and broke it apart in his hand. As it turns out, the burglar was wielding a toy gun.

We’re not sure if the employee actually spotted that the gun was a fake, or if the employee was just being stupidly brave. In any case, police say the suspect then fled the scene on foot—without so much as a single Doritos Locos Taco in hand—and has not yet been arrested.

We understand going to great lengths for Mexican food, but this burglary was a failure supreme.

fail robbery

[via CBS SF Bay Area, Eater SF]