The Brisket Bandit has been pillaging San Antonio’s BBQ restaurants, helping himself to thousands of dollars worth of smoked meat over the last couple of months.

The latest in a string of BBQ thefts just went down over the weekend: The bandit helped himself to 13 smoked briskets, 10 cases of beer, and a brand new trashcan at Augie’s Barbed Wire Smokehouse, loaded the goods into a white van, and hit the road. But this time around—during the bandito‘s fourth act of meat larceny—it was all caught on camera. Take a look at the footage below.

At the end of January, the bandit (or another Texas resident who really loves meat and pays no mind to the law) stole 200 pounds of meat from B&B Smokehouse, valued at $700.

Then, on January 16, someone broke in through the back of Two Bros. Meat Market and stole $450 pounds of raw meat, valued at $2,500.

A third BBQ theft went down in January at The Smoke Shack on Broadway. This time, the dude stole 12 pork butts from the pit while they were being cooked. NO SHAME. Total value of the butts: $500.

In this video, the owners of the BBQ restaurants share details on the thefts:

Either this is a man who really enjoys BBQ and has no morals, or a restaurant owner who can’t afford to buy meat and has to resort to thievery. It should be noted that brisket and beef prices are at a record high in Texas.

The dude could be the Robin Hood of BBQ meats, for all we know, giving the stolen brisket to the sauce- and protein-impoverished.

Regardless, we’d like to see Barbecue Editor at Texas Monthly, Daniel Vaughn, transform into a crime-fighting superhero and catch the brisket thief.

[via News 4 San Antonio]

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