Quick: remember that time—precisely two weeks ago—when Taylor Swift demanded that Jay Z attend brunch with her? Kanye West stood nearby as the strong-willed Swift made her declaration; the two even took a picture following the sequence of events.

Apparently, following Kanye’s mentioning that he has intentions of making music with Swift, the unlikely pair had dinner together. TMZ dishes about the alleged gathering of egos:

The Kanye West/Taylor Swift friendship is the real deal, folks—and not just for music—because they did dinner together at The Spotted Pig in NYC.

Yeezy and T-Swizzle were careful not to arrive or leave the restaurant together on Tuesday night, but they reportedly ate at a table for two.

It’s worth nothing that The Spotted Pig is one of Jigga’s places. The fact that Swift met West at the West Village restaurant could be a subliminal shot at Jay for turning down the brunch invite, not to mention a meeting of minds that could melt the Internet if any music resulted.

We can only hope Swift and Ye dined on the famous Spotted Pig burger, topped with tangy Roquefort.


There’s so much to unpack here but so few details. At least the two dined at a respectable restaurant—anything Kanye suggested probably would’ve sucked.

[via TMZ]