The above video shows pop singer Taylor Swift conversing with businessman and former rapper Jay Z before the Grammys on Sunday (notable creative Kanye West was also present).

During that audioless exchange, Swift appears to broach an absolutely awesome idea to Jay: brunch—they should totally do it.

The Daily Mail explains what happens next.

The 45-year-old 99 Problems hit maker smiles and nods at the statuesque blonde before she looks him dead in the eye and repeats: ‘Brunch… Brunch!’ as she slowly backs away.

This leaves Jigga with two options: to brunch with Swift, or not to brunch with Swift. Knowing her almost incessant need for friends—especially girlfriends—it would behoove Hov to accept the invitation (demand?). Unfortunately, since no one has yet confirmed that brunch went down, we can only speculate if it did or will happen. So, what are the chances?

Here are The Daily Mail‘s thoughts:

Jay-Z and wife Beyonce helped Taylor celebrate her 25th birthday in December for a very star-studded gathering at her apartment in New York.

So it’s not too much a stretch of the imagination that the musical pair would grab brunch together.

Agreed. While First We Feast is staunchly anti-brunch, hip-hop most definitely is not—Jay Z himself is no stranger to the offerings at the Four Seasons, in particular. We believe that Jay Z accepted Swift’s invitation to brunch and that they brunched…somewhere.

You know whom Taylor also should’ve invited? Pharrell Williams. He definitely looks like a dude who loves brunch, and maybe he could explain his befuddlement with her dancing.

A brunch invite could’ve definitely mended that bridge.

[via The Daily Mail]